13 grab-and-go, protein-packed snack ideas

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Consuming enough protein is essential to a healthy, balanced diet – you can read more about that here! As a realistic person, I know there isn’t always time to sit down and eat a full, balanced meal. That’s why it’s important to keep convenient, protein-filled snacks around the house. This will help to ensure that you choose well-balanced snacks when you’re short on time or headed out the door. Here are 13 ideas, and most of these are available at mainstream grocery stores! They are ranked from highest protein per serving to lowest:

  1. Bottled Pure Protein shakes: It is important to try to get as much of your protein from solid foods as possible, but if that’s not possible, shakes are a great option. Pure Protein is a popular brand.
    Protein per bottle: 30g
  2. Built protein bars: There are MANY varieties of protein bars on the market, but Built Bars are my favorite. They come in many flavors and remind me of a candy bar. Use this link to get $10 off your first order!
    Protein per bar: 17-19g
  3. StarKist tuna pouches: Comes in many different flavors in convenient, on-the-go pouches.
    Protein per serving: 13-17g
  4. Oikos Triple Zero nonfat Greek yogurt cups: There are many brands of Greek yogurt, but this is one of my favorites for its high protein and low fat content.
    Protein per serving: 15g
  5. Dry roasted edamame: Salty, crunchy, high in protein – what’s not to like?
    Protein per serving: 14g
  6. Jack Link’s beef or turkey jerky: There are lots of brands of beef or turkey jerky but this one may be one of the easiest to find.
    Protein per serving: 12-13g
  7. PopCorners Flex Protein Crisps: Great replacement for the traditional chip or cracker. Great for dipping and comes in three flavors.
    Protein per serving: 10g
  8. IWON Organic Protein Stix: These crunchy little snacks come in many flavors and are like Cheetos or Cheese Curls.
    Protein per serving: 7-10g
  9. Bada Bean Bada Boom: Crunchy broad beans that come in a variety of flavors – savory and sweet!
    Protein per serving: 7g
  10. String cheese: Who doesn’t love string cheese!?
    Protein per serving: 7g
  11. Hard-boiled eggs: Yeah, you can actually buy these already hard boiled!
    Protein per egg: 5.5g
  12. Emerald 100-calorie almonds packs: These are great little packs because although almonds are high in protein, they are also high in fat, which can add up quickly.
    Protein per serving: 5g
  13. Powerful Bites: Think high-protein cookie dough.
    Protein per serving: 5g

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