Total client inches and weight lost in 2020!

More than 153 lbs lost | Get Gritty Nutrition

WOW! I have been so thankful this year for everyone who has supported my new nutrition coaching side hustle, Get Gritty Nutrition! 🍽️

After struggling with my weight since early childhood, I finally found a strategy that helped me meet my weight goals and more importantly, enabled me to sustain my weight loss. This strategy was tracking macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs). I lost 30 lbs in 2019 and decided I wanted to help others do what I did.

In early 2020, I studied for my NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine nutrition coaching certification and in May, I passed the exam. My husband and I built getgrittynutrition.com, I ran some pilot programs and I built my businesses processes. On May 25, I made my first sale.

In 2020, my Grit Squad group nutrition clients combined lost more than153 lbs and 210 overall inches!!! I have also seen lots success stories from my self-guided Grit Solo program.

I’m hoping to help even more people reach their weight goals in 2021! There is still time to enroll in my next group nutrition program: www.getgrittynutrition.com/gritsquad

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