Month: July 2020

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Get Gritty client successes: April-July 2020

I just wrapped up my first official Grit Squad nutrition group, and WOW, I feel like a proud macro mama!! These Get Gritty client successes have been extremely fulfilling for me to be a part of, and I’m honored that each of my clients invited me to be part of their weight loss journey. I […]

Tips for sustainable weight loss | Get Gritty Nutrition

Daily habits for weight loss and improved health

Not ready to count calories or track macros? That’s cool! Here are some habits to introduce into your daily life to help you feel better and create a sustainable plan for weight loss. Drink plenty of water Ensure you are properly hydrated. A great rule of thumb is to consume half your weight in ounces […]

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As a lifelong athlete I finally got my nutrition in check

Although I’ve always been very active, I’ve always had a challenging relationship with food. One thing was always missing from my overall health – a consistently healthy diet. So, as a lifelong athlete, I finally decided to get my nutrition in check. Growing up, my mom was a registered dietitian, and we ate relatively healthy […]

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Stay on track nutritionally while avoiding boredom

Many people find it easier to stay on track with their nutrition plan when they stick to go-to foods or meals. But after a while, this may become monotonous or boring if you eat the same thing day after day. This is called food or meal fatigue – when you just can’t eat another dang […]

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How to keep your weight loss momentum moving through the weekend

A common pitfall when trying to lose weight is giving in to temptations over the weekend after you’ve hit your nutritional goals all week. Unfortunately, if you get too loose, this can undo all the great progress you’ve made Monday through Friday. Here are some tips on how not to do that. If you’re looking […]

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Do I need to take dietary supplements for optimal health?

The short answer: No, you do not need to take dietary supplements for optimal health.   The long answer: Before spending your hard-earned money on dietary supplements, it’s important to first assess your diet. There are a number of pillars of a healthy diet that you should focus on before supplementation. Are you eating… enough […]

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