Month: August 2020

Fad diets are bad | Get Gritty Nutrition

Why diet trends don’t work long term

You know trends I’m talking about. They promise fast results via extreme restriction. These include juice cleanses,  very low carb or fat, super low calorie, clean eating, meal replacement shakes, doing cardio every single day and the list goes on. You may successfully lose the weight, but can you keep this lifestyle going? Nah. You’ll […]

Cold brew | Get Gritty Nutrition

How to make cold brew coffee at home

It’s about time for an afternoon pick-me-up! Are you a fellow cold brew lover but don’t want to spend $3-4 to get it at your fave coffee place? Here’s how I make enough at home to last for the whole work week! P.S. Here are the cold brew bags I use.

Spaghetti and meatballs | Get Gritty Nutrition

Eat more on the weekends without sacrificing progress

What if you could eat more calories on certain days while still making progress toward your weight loss goals? Good news: you can! Most people who track calories or macros typically aim to hit the same targets each day, whether it’s Tuesday or Saturday. One exception is athletes who need to eat more carbs on […]

Travel foods | Get Gritty Nutrition

Five ways to keep your diet on track while staying in a hotel

I think most people would agree that it’s easier to stay consistent with their nutrition plan when they are at home. But how do you stay on track nutritionally while traveling and staying in a hotel with only a mini fridge and microwave? Pre-COVID, I traveled frequently and have become a pro at this. And […]

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