Month: September 2020

Four desserts in a collage | Get Gritty Nutrition

Macro-friendly recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth

This week, I wanted to highlight a few macro-friendly recipes I have made recently. What makes these sweet treats macro friendly, you ask? It’s the ratio of carbs, fat and protein. Most desserts and sweets typically contain a fair amount of carbs and fat and little protein. But these desserts have a healthy dose of […]

Nutrition client successes Woman before and after pictures | Get Gritty Nutrition

Grit Squad client successes: August-September 2020

My latest six-week Grit Squad nutrition group just came to a close, and I am feeling truly inspired. Several members broke through weight-loss plateaus that they didn’t think were possible, gained more confidence with their food choices and experienced many scale and non-scale victories. I know they will use the tools they learned and will […]

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Hungry? Eat higher volume meals!

There are many reasons why you may feel hungry even when eating an adequate amount of calories to maintain body weight or while eating at a calorie deficit. Hunger could be due to lack of hydration, eating too few calories for your activity level or not consuming enough protein. But today, I’m going to focus […]

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