Month: October 2020

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13 grab-and-go, protein-packed snack ideas

Consuming enough protein is essential to a healthy, balanced diet – you can read more about that here! As a realistic person, I know there isn’t always time to sit down and eat a full, balanced meal. That’s why it’s important to keep convenient, protein-filled snacks around the house. This will help to ensure that […]

How to track alcohol accurately in MyFitnessPal | Get Gritty Nutrition

How to track alcohol accurately in MyFitnessPal

If you are tracking macros in MyFitnessPal, you will find that tracking alcoholic beverages can get a little difficult. I recommend using this calculator and my tutorial below. *Note: The “Quick Add” function in MyFitnessPal that allows you to log carbs, fat and protein (not just calories) is only available in the Premium version of […]

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You can eat “junk” food and still lose weight

Did you know you can eat “junk” food and still hit your weight loss goals? First off, let me debunk something: There is no such thing as “good” and “bad” foods, and in my opinion, we need to stop labeling foods as such. Here’s an example… granola is considered “good” or “healthy” food, right? Let’s […]

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