Month: January 2021

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Why do we binge eat?

Binging…why do we do it?   I have vivid memories of my sophomore year of college when I lived with two roommates. I would wait for them to leave and then I’d binge eat their snacks. Sorry, MJ and Megan, I owe you snacks! These are pretty painful memories for me because I felt out […]

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Getting enough protein without tracking your food

Sometimes when life gets a bit more stressful than usual, in our case that would be my husband battling covid and me trying to fend it off, it’s okay to deprioritize some things. Even though my health and nutrition is always a top priority, I am giving my brain a rest and not tracking my […]

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Have you tried the Brookie-O Oreos yet?!?

Has anyone tried the new Brookie-O Oreos yet?!? OMG they are so good. Are you surprised that I, a nutrition coach, would eat these? Hear me out… Restrictive diets, like when you cut out: Carbs Fat Processed foods Sugar are NOT sustainable long term. You know when you cut out sugar for a month and […]

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My grocery store staples

I track macronutrients to ensure I’m adequately fueling my body, and I teach all my nutrition clients this strategy as well. I like to share my grocery hauls sometimes to show the balance in foods I consume. Everything from broccoli to diet soda to tortillas. NOTE: I have been a vegetarian for 15 years which […]

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Feeling bad about overindulging over the holidays?

Feeling bad about overindulging over the holidays? STOP! Do not to feel shame, guilt, regret, remorse or any other negative feelings for allowing yourself to enjoy all the tasty treats the last month or two! Many of the holidays we celebrate in our society revolve around food traditions, and it’s important to enjoy yourself! After […]

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Total client inches and weight lost in 2020!

WOW! I have been so thankful this year for everyone who has supported my new nutrition coaching side hustle, Get Gritty Nutrition! 🍽️ After struggling with my weight since early childhood, I finally found a strategy that helped me meet my weight goals and more importantly, enabled me to sustain my weight loss. This strategy […]

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