Month: February 2021

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Sometimes weight gain is a good thing.

The top left photo was taken in February 2019 when I was.. -Running and working out A LOT -Eating super low carb -Eating very little protein I felt like crap. I had very little energy during my workouts and felt sick halfway through disc golf tournaments to the point that I almost dropped out. Middle […]

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Where are my cereal lovers??

I deprived myself of cereal for YEARS when I thought carbs were bad. I look back and can’t believe it. Why would I NOT eat something that I love so much? Oh, that’s right… because the “low carb” diet was (still is) such a trendy fad. And SO many people believe it is the key […]

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Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself. Literally. Today, I decided to spend a decent chunk of money on the future of my nutrition coaching career by enrolling in G-Transformation Academy’s four-month Macro Mentorship certification program. It’s scary because it feels like a pretty big investment up front, but I know that what I will learn will be invaluable […]

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I’m calling this a glow up! 

I’m calling this a glow up! Left photo (2007): I was trying to eat “healthy” but didn’t really know what that meant. I would binge eat, feel horrible about myself then starve myself the next day to “make up for it.” Right photo (2021): I eat a balance of carbs, fat and protein and I […]

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Cheat Day Design’s two-ingredient bagels

My husband and baker extraordinaire is making a batch of protein-packed, two-ingredient bagels this morning! They are so dingdang easy and delicious, it’s silly. Ingredients: Plain Greek yogurt Self-rising flour Toppings like ‘Everything But the Bagel’ seasoning you see here are optional Nutrition for one bagel (we tripled the recipe then made 16 smaller bagels) […]

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Think twice before joining a weight loss challenge

I’m sure you’ve seen those 8-week “lose a ton of weight” challenges promoted on Instagram and Facebook. In this video, I talk about why you should think twice before joining one and why I don’t run them as part of my nutrition coaching business.

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Happy National Girls & Women in Sports Day!

Happy National Girls & Women in Sports Day! The first sport I was ever involved with was gymnastics around age 5, then I started competitive swim team at age 6. From there, I played basketball, baseball, tennis, softball, ball golf, jazz, tap and ballet ballet dancing, competitive cheerleading and soccer. And yes, cheerleading is a […]

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