Have you tried the Brookie-O Oreos yet?!?

Brookie-O Oreos | Get Gritty Nutrition

Has anyone tried the new Brookie-O Oreos yet?!? OMG they are so good.

Are you surprised that I, a nutrition coach, would eat these? Hear me out…

Restrictive diets, like when you cut out:

  • Carbs
  • Fat
  • Processed foods
  • Sugar

are NOT sustainable long term.

You know when you cut out sugar for a month and you lose a few lbs and are all like “WOO this is working!!” And a couple weeks later all you can think about is eating the stuff you haven’t allowed yourself and you binge it then completely fall off track and go back to your old ways?

Yeah, that used to be me and I know many can relate.

Try this instead:

  • Aim to eat mostly, not all, whole foods
  • Allow yourself special treats like these Oreos (they are worth it!)
  • Focus on eating 80% nutrient-dense foods and 20% fun foods
  • Prioritize lean protein and high-fiber foods

What’s your favorite sweet treat??

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