Grit Squad client successes: August-September 2020

My latest six-week Grit Squad nutrition group just came to a close, and I am feeling truly inspired. Several members broke through weight-loss plateaus that they didn’t think were possible, gained more confidence with their food choices and experienced many scale and non-scale victories.

I know they will use the tools they learned and will continue working toward their goals. Below are some of these recent Grit Squad successes! Clients track progress in different ways, including measurements, scale weight and/or progress photos.

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In six weeks, Adam lost:

‣  11.5 pounds
‣  5.45% of his body weight
‣  9 inches overall
*This is the first time Adam has been under 200 pounds in a year and a half!

“I think your program is fantastic! I’ve never had such an easy time on a ‘diet.’ After the initial adjustment it was like a game to me and the different challenges each week kept it feeling fresh and personally I feel like it pushed me to try new things and branch out. I’ve found new foods I like that I wouldn’t have thought of before. You’re doing great with this and I hope it keeps growing. Overall the program and resources are the easiest and best plan I’ve ever done. Can’t express how much I enjoyed it.”

In six weeks, Diane lost:

‣  19.5 inches overall
‣  2.4 pounds

I am able to play with my granddaughter on the floor, and not take 5 min to get back up. I walked more than 5 miles each week, and created a morning walk ritual with my granddaughter. A lot has come out of these past 6 weeks, and I know the weight loss will come, but right now my muscle is rebuilding from years of low protein intake. Hello, bicep and thigh muscles … nice to see you again! I went from tight size 12 to pulling up my pants on morning walks.

I did not lose pounds, but I lost so many inches and gained so much muscle. I learned how to eat in my everyday, I got to choose my food. It was all eye opening and refreshing. I highly recommend this to my fellow riders on this weight rollercoaster.

In six weeks, Michele lost:

‣  15 inches overall
‣  13 pounds
‣ 6.2% body weight

I have been in Sara’s Get Gritty program for the last 6 weeks and I am eating my favorite Thai foods, pizza, ice cream, and so many other yummy foods and have lost 13 pounds (a little over 6% body weight) and 14.75 inches so far!! I have more energy and can feel the changes in how my clothes fit me! This program works!!!

In six weeks, this client lost:

‣ 14.75 inches overall
‣ 4 lbs

In six weeks, Stacey lost:

‣ 18.75 inches overall
‣ 17 lbs
‣ 6.8% body weight

“I really love how this program is making me think about what I’m putting in my mouth. Over the past few weeks, I have found myself making better choices: lean meat over fatty, salads and whole wheat over white breads. Thank you, Sara, for helping me get on track and for teaching us a program that provides the wiggle room and flexibility I need!

In six weeks, this client lost:

‣ 20 inches overall
‣ 10 lbs
‣ 6.5% body weight

Here’s what she said about Grit Squad after the first three weeks:

“I honestly can’t believe how different I feel after only three weeks. I have enough energy to bike or run and do a 30-minute resistance workout four days a week.

In six weeks, Stephanie lost:

‣ 11 lbs
‣ 5.4% body weight
‣ 5.5 inches overall

“Even after eating cake for my birthday this past weekend, I am still losing weight! People are still commenting on my weight loss, clothing is starting to fit even better. Weighed myself this morning and I am now down 10 lbs. I feel great too! Loving this lifestyle! This is seriously changing my life. I never thought I’d be 5 weeks into any diet and still feeling like continuing.  I see now that this isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change and it’s something I never thought I would be capable of doing.”

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