Get Gritty client successes: April-July 2020

May-July client success

I just wrapped up my first official Grit Squad nutrition group, and WOW, I feel like a proud macro mama!! These Get Gritty client successes have been extremely fulfilling for me to be a part of, and I’m honored that each of my clients invited me to be part of their weight loss journey. I know they will use the tools they learned and will continue working toward their goals. Below are some recent Get Gritty client successes, both Grit Squad and Grit Solo program clients. Clients track progress in different ways, including measurements, scale weight and/or progress photos.

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Cayci progress photos

June-July 2020 Grit Squad member

In 6 weeks, Cayci lost 10 lbs, 7.5% of her body weight!

“I am loving the change I’m seeing in me. 12 pounds down! My clothes are fitting so well. I even liked the way I looked in my bathing suit this past weekend!”

Grit Solo client

Lisa has lost 9 lbs, 5.4% of her body weight, since beginning the self-guided Grit Solo program in May!

“I don’t know that I really look a whole lot different to anyone other than myself, but I definitely feel better and I’m wearing a pair of shorts today that I haven’t worn in three years. The most important thing, I feel so much better when I eat according to your plan. I’d say I’m definitely more confident. Part of that is that I’m proud of myself for making necessary changes, part of it is I’m happier with the way I look, but a huge part of it is I’m learning I’m on my own journey and no one else’s. I’m learning to not compare myself anymore. I think I’ve come a long way on that. 

Grit Squad member April-July
(began as pilot group member)

Since April, Angela lost a total of 21 inches, 8 inches from her waist alone!!

“I have a better relationship with food and don’t feel guilty if I want to have a ‘treat.’ I don’t view it as negative anymore, which makes this so much easier. I still have a long ways to go, but I see progress physically and mentally.”

June-July 2020 Grit Squad member

Since June, Jessica lost 3 lbs and has learned tactics for how to get off the diet rollercoaster and not deprive herself.

“I highly recommend the Get Gritty Level 2 program. I have been curious about counting macros for a long time but it seemed too overwhelming to conquer on my own. I’ve learned sooo much about the food I eat and the nutritional value items hold. Sara has been beyond responsive to the many questions I’ve had during this process. I enjoy having a team of people for accountability. I’ve been able to continue eating foods I enjoy while noticing my clothes fitting more loosely.”

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