Just eat the cookies!

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I wanted to share something I said to one of my clients this week: “Just eat the cookies!!!” This is something you probably thought you’d never hear from a nutrition coach. And that’s because in the world of macro tracking, no food is off limits. 

Studies show that letting yourself live a little does wonders for overall adherence to a nutrition plan. It is the deprivation-stye dieting (i.e. cutting out all your favorite foods) that causes people to get on the losing-and-gaining rollercoaster. Let’s use an example…say you wanted to lose weight and decided to eat at a 10% calorie deficit from the calories you need to maintain weight. This allows you to have ice cream a couple times per week, some pizza here and there and a donut on Sunday mornings from your favorite shop. Since you are in a calorie deficit, you are naturally going to lose weight if you stick to your plan, but you still get to eat your favorite foods in moderation. This makes you feel happier and not deprived. 😁

This plan works so well for you that you that you’re able to keep it going for six months and you reach your weight-loss goal. By this time, you have a high level of confidence in your ability to stick to the plan and you’re able to maintain your new weight through everything you’ve learned during the process. 


But what if you had chosen a restrictive nutrition plan where you cut out your beloved ice cream, pizza and donuts? 

You might be able to hold strong for a few weeks but eventually your cravings kick in and you realize how much it sucks. So you revert back to your old habits after a month – back on the rollercoaster you go. 😞

The moral of the story is: Eat the cookies! Find a nutrition plan that works for you and work your favorite foods into your plan so you can sustain it long term. 

Did you know?

Only 17 percent of adults in the United States sustain a 10 percent weight loss after one year. Studies show that finding a diet you LIKE is linked to greater adherence, more confidence in yourself to stick to your nutrition plan and higher probability of losing and maintaining. 

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