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    Band and dumbbell strength training workouts


    Four six-week workout programs (24 weeks total) – two upper body, two lower body per week. All you need is bands and dumbbells that will challenge you! All exercises/workouts include demo videos.

    Here are the bands I recommend: handle bands and large circle bands.

    I will send you a link to the Google drive that contains my workouts within three business days. Please do not share this link.

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    Self-guided macro plan


    Want to start tracking macros to reach your goals independently? The self-guided plan is for you! It includes:

    • One-time macro calculation based on your personal info

    • My 45-page Get Gritty Nutrition Guide

    • Access to my online course that will teach you how to track macros like a pro to reach your goals. Video module topics include:

      • Intro to macronutrients
      • Setting up the MyFitnessPal app
      • Tracking food accurately
      • Tracking alcohol
      • Food weighing hacks
      • Staying on track while dining out
      • My favorite recipes, cheat sheets and grocery guides
      • MyFitnessPal tutorials for Android and iPhone
      • and more!


    NOTE: This plan does not include personalized coaching, accountability or daily access to me.

    If you have purchased the self-guided plan/Grit Solo in the past and would like access to the new online course for an additional $50, please email me: sara@getgrittynutrition.com.

    *Please note: This program is non-refundable.


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