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Grit Mentor Program


Unfortunately, I don’t currently have the capacity to work with one-on-one Grit Mentor clients at this time. If you are interested in working with me when I am able, please secure your spot on the wait list by “purchasing” the program. You will not be charged anything to be added to the wait list and will only be expected to pay when you begin the program. Thank you for your interest!

What to expect:

This is a 12-week commitment with the option to go month-to-month thereafter for $150/month. This level is for people who want one-on-one, personalized, remote coaching.

Grit Mentor includes:

  • custom macros
  • the Get Gritty Nutrition Guide
  • one-on-one coaching, check-ins, support, goal setting and accountability for 12 weeks

The 40-page Get Gritty Nutrition Guide includes:

  • overview of macros and how to track them
  • sample meal plans and a shopping lists
  • MyFitnessPal guide
  • progress tracker
  • product recommendations
  • much more!

If you purchased Grit Solo and/or Grit Squad plans in the past, you will receive a discount on Grit Mentor. Please contact me for discount code.


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