Sometimes weight gain is a good thing.

Weight progress | Get Gritty Nutrition

The top left photo was taken in February 2019 when I was..
-Running and working out A LOT
-Eating super low carb
-Eating very little protein

I felt like crap. I had very little energy during my workouts and felt sick halfway through disc golf tournaments to the point that I almost dropped out.

Middle photo: I dove into the world of tracking my carb, fat and protein (macros) intake to ensure I was properly fueling my body. By November 2019, I had lost 30 lbs. I was:
-Super lean
-Able to do pull ups for the first time in my life
-Running faster than I ever have
-Obsessed with hitting my macros every single day, no excuses

BUT I had been in a calorie deficit for so long that my hormonal health was suffering and I lost my period.

The top right photo was taken a couple days ago. I have gained about 8 lbs since my lowest weight. A few pounds are from my breast augmentation, but I’ve also gained muscle and some fat. I don’t really care about the scale anymore and rarely weigh myself. Now, I am focused on:
-Increasing my strength
-Repairing my hormonal health
-Enjoying my meals and not tracking every single thing I eat

If I were still scale obsessed, I may be totally freaked out by the increase. But ya know what? I’m not, because I’m happy and confident with my body, and what it can do. I’m even happier with how far I have come in my relationship with food. I have binged, starved myself and overexercised throughout different stages of my life to overcome my issues with food. Not anymore! Thanks to my macro journey, food and I are finally cool.

I teach my clients how to be cool with food too! I’m excited to announce that I’ll be opening up a new group coaching session in April 2021. Check it out.

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