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I just wanted to let you know that even though I don’t religiously track macros the self help info and your daily posts have kept me on track with my goals.
6 years ago I lost 36 pounds in 42 days to get down to my high school weight of 180 pounds.I stayed between 182-185 until September of 2021 after the deaths of my grandmother and dad within a few weeks of each other and my focus on only occasionally having pastas and sodas became where I just ate anything and my weight slowly creeped up to 207 on New Year’s Eve after a week with the family eating anything every day during the holiday week.

I reread your info and told myself I would get back to 180 before the Vegas event in mid February and I’m proud to say by January 29th I had met my goal and I want to thank you for the daily inspiration posts and your own thoughts on your journey for letting me know that I COULD do whatever I put my mind to! Thanks again for everything and keep it up my friend!

–Keith Johnson
Self-guided client

I found Sara during a time of extreme dieting and frustration and zero movement on the scale. We set a long LONG term plan to reverse diet and stay at maintenance for a few months to repair my metabolism. Her compassion and guidance during this transformational time period was essential and so valuable. Now, in a calorie deficit, I can apply what we worked on in 2021 to try to improve my health without starving myself. Her coaching helped me shift my mindset from “I must be skinny to be happy” to “I want to eat enough diverse, nutritional food to fuel my body so I can improve my Peloton output and lift heavier weights.” Mentally, it’s been amazing! Her check in process is streamlined, her feedback is pragmatic and she truly cares about her clients!

–Lesley Ray
Group & 1:1 client

As a former client I just wanted to leave a review: I do believe I have achieved my goals after working with this program. I have a better relationship with food now . Even when I go out to eat I notice that I am more aware of my food choices, without being crazy calorie obsessed. My goal is just to continue being healthy and have a good relationship with food. Highly recommend to anyone needing a jump start into eating healthy!!!!

–Ashley Collins
1:1 client

I want you to know that you have completely changed my view on dieting and I will never go back to weight watchers, pills or shakes. This is the best I have felt physically and mentally (about myself) in a long time, and I know I owe that to you.

–Michelle O’Brien
Group & 1:1 client

I’ve participated in Grit Squad two times over the past eight months and I had a great experience both times. The first time, back in fall 2020, I lost 14 inches and 4 pounds. I am not overweight, and joined the program to get control of my eating, feel healthier, and keep weight from creeping up as I get older.

I was thinking that I wouldn’t make any big gains during my 2nd time in Grit Squad, as I joined this time to solidify this new way of eating and to learn even more about macros. Also, Sara is such a positive influence, so it’s always great to be a part of a group that she leads. I was VERY pleasantly surprised that I lost 8.5 inches and 2 pounds!

I am definitely NOT the type of person who is overly obsessed with my weight, but I AM pretty vigilant about being healthy and exercising regularly. It is also important to me to feel comfortable in my clothes (it is the worst when your clothes feel tight!), have lots of energy to do all the things that I like to do and eat and drink anything that I want in moderation.

I now feel confident that I have the tools I need to track macros for the long term and to follow a flexible nutrition plan that works for my lifestyle. Thank you, Sara!

–Dr. Andrea Tanner
Group coaching client

“One of my main reasons for joining Grit Squad was because I have chronic back pain due to 2 fused vertebrae and a compromised nerve. After having 2 kids the pain had gotten almost unbearable. I have surgery as an option, but not an option I am at all interested in. I know I need to lose weight, gain core strength, and improve my quality of life in doing so. In 9 weeks with you I have accomplished the same weight loss as I did on my own in the previous 7 months. I am finishing these weeks with a different outlook on food, one that makes me happy to love food, responsibly. I am also learning to love my body for what it can do, not hate it for what it can’t fit into. It’s a long road to my goals, but I am very happy to have joined you for this part of it!”

–Gillian O’Dell
Group & 1:1 client

You are right, weight is only one number to rate success, not the only number. I looked at my goals, and I hit the lost important – mobility. I am able to play with my granddaughter on the floor, and not take five minutes to get back up. I walked more than five miles each week, and created a morning walk ritual with my granddaughter. A lot has come out of these past six weeks, and I know the weight loss will come, but right now my muscle is rebuilding from years of  low protein intake. Hello, bicep and thigh muscles… nice to see you again! I went from tight size 12 (you know the “partial zip – no button” fit) to pulling up my pants on morning walks.

Sara, thank you for your honest posts, it made this experience real and personal. I did not lose pounds, but I lost so many inches and gained so much muscle. I learned how to eat in my everyday, I got to choose my food. It was all eye opening and refreshing. I highly recommend this to my fellow riders on this weight rollercoaster. I will continue this endeavor, until we meet again!

–Diane Hamer
Group coaching client

I think your program is fantastic! I’ve never had such an easy time on a ‘diet.’ After the initial adjustment it was like a game to me and the different challenges each week kept it feeling fresh and personally I feel like it pushed me to try new things and branch out. I’ve found new foods I like that I wouldn’t have thought of before. You’re doing great with this and I hope it keeps growing. Overall the program and resources are the easiest and best plan I’ve ever done. Can’t express how much I enjoyed it.

–Adam Fenton
Group coaching client

I am absolutely in love with this program! I didn’t think it was possible for me to eat actual food and lose weight. I’ve gone from drinking two meal replacement shakes a day, feeling deprived at times and often fatigued, to enjoying delicious food all day and no longer feeling deprived, gaining tons of energy, and I’ve lost 13 lbs so far! This is amazing!

–Michele Powell
Group coaching client

I really love how this program is making me think about what I’m putting in my mouth. Over the past few weeks, I have found myself making better choices: lean meat over fatty, salads and whole wheat over white breads. Thank you, Sara, for helping me get on track and for teaching us a program that provides the wiggle room and flexibility I need! 

–Stacey Merritt
Group coaching client

I’ve done several macro challenges in the past and failed because they made it so difficult. I am great at starting challenges and usually lose interest after three or four weeks. So far this has not been the case. You have made the counting macros so easy!

–Jane Ellen H.
Group & 1:1 client

Even after eating cake for my birthday this past weekend, I am still losing weight! People are still commenting on my weight loss, clothing is starting to fit even better. Weighed myself this morning and I am now down 10 lbs. I feel great too! Loving this lifestyle! This is seriously changing my life. I never thought I’d be 5 weeks into any diet and still feeling like continuing.  I see now that this isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change and it’s something I never thought I would be capable of doing. 

–Stephanie L.
Group coaching client

Sara has helped me gain a refreshed and more REALISTIC view of health and fitness while I’m working on my goals. I’m feeling better by eating in a more balanced way, and I can’t wait to see my long-term results. Thanks to Sara and her hard work on the nutrition program, I’m off to a great start with a strong foundation. I’ve already lost 5 inches!

–Kelly B.
Group coaching client

This has felt so counter intuitive to all “diets” I’ve done before. I’ve always felt so restricted on other programs but with Get Gritty and counting macros I am always full and I’m not restricted by scheduling foods or limited on what foods I eat. There is so much freedom.

–Jessica A.
Group coaching client

Girl! I’ve been following my macros for a week only and I’m already seeing results on the scale and in my clothes. Thank you!

–Rachel T.
Self-guided client

Tracking my macros has always been intimidating. After talking with Sara, I decided to give her Grit Solo plan a shot. The nutrition guide made it very easy to understand and gave me a lot of great ideas as far as what foods I should be eating. After three weeks of eating baseline calories/macros, I feel like I’m really getting the hang of tracking everything and reaching my goals. I’ve noticed by just changing my diet, I feel more energized and less bloated. As an added bonus, I’ve lost three pounds!  I’m excited to keep up this lifestyle and learn more from Sara as I receive her weekly newsletter! I would highly recommended her program to anyone who is tired of “dieting” and wants to find a way to be able to incorporate their favorite foods while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

–Lisa W.
Self-guided client

Tracking macros has been on my radar for a few years but I didn’t really understand it until I started Sara’s Grit Mentor plan. She is there for me every step of the way, and without her support, (sometimes daily!) I wouldn’t be seeing results after just one month!

–Cierra S.
1:1 coaching client

I started following Sara’s nutrition recommendations on June 1 and after only a few days, I think I’ve lost a pound and feel like I have more energy. Thanks for your recommendations!

–Rob L.
1:1 coaching client

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